Period Love

At one point in our own cultural history, menses was revered and respected. Over time, it’s been downgraded to a dirty secret women should lock away.

Periods are a beautiful part of us - They are what make us blossom at puberty. They prepare women's bodies to bear and nurture the unborn baby. Kamakhiya temple in Assam to Chengannur Mahadeva Kshetram (temple) in Kerala celebrate the menstrual cycle of the goddess. And yet, we have lost this heritage of celebrating our menstrual cycle to shaming and hiding our periods. 

Bleed Green

If we look at path-breaking work done by Louise Hay or Dr Christina Northrup, they link our menstrual cramps to our feelings about being born as a woman, and mis-perception and non-acceptance of our periods. As we came "down" with our periods, we started using disposable napkins to 'free' ourselves from the responsibility of maintaining our menstrual cloth. Periods are being looked at as the necessary evil that we women must put up with and we do so with secrecy and silence, suffering the rashes and health issues caused due to chemical additions to disposables and have started trashing the environment in the name of freedom.

In this campaign, we talk about sustainable menstruation and taking pride in our periods. There are many sustainable options available for period care - cloth pads, re-usable cups and period panties.

Get Involved

Arrange for a #BleedGreen session in your neighbourhood/workplace, attend a session nearby, become a green partner or connect us to people who can contribute to the campaign!