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Dharnai – Energy Simplified!

As you travel along the Patna-Gaya NH83 highway, you come across the district of Jehanabad. Located in the Naxal heartlands of Bihar, under the Makhdumpur block of this district you can’t help but notice a surprisingly bright yellow sign which says “Dharnai – Solar Village 1KM“. Since the past, more than, 30 years or so, […]
solar oven

DIY- Solar Oven

What to make: Solar Oven; the most basic of your solar home products, lets see how we can make this at home in an eco-friendly way. Items Needed: Cardboard box at least 18″ square and as deep as whatever you want to cook, black construction paper, tin foil, clear plastic, non-toxic glue, pen, tape, scissors or utility […]
Bleed Green Banner
Bleed Green Banner
  • recycled interiors

    Simple Tips on Adopting a Green Interior Design Approach for Your Home

    Whether it’s a recently bought apartment in a posh locality, or an old space that requires renovation, one doesn’t need to invest a fortune for going green on the interior designing of a property. Adding a dash of green to a house can go a long way in saving the environment, as well as nurturing […]
  • green innovations

    5 Cutting Edge Green Innovations!

    It is not about doing big things to make our planet greener. Every little step counts and sometimes it is those little things that make a difference in our everyday lives which go on to make a substantial difference in reducing pollution and saving energy. Here are five path-breaking inventions that can improve our lives […]
  • ebook-vs-paperbook1

    Which Is Better- E-books Which Use Electricity Or Paper Books That Use Natural Resources?

    Paper book vs. e-book is a debate which has been going around for some time now. With the advancement in technology and changing preferences of readers, paper-books seem to be losing the charm, but the final result in favour of e-book is still not out. The reason being, both the versions of books have their […]
  • green-diwali-eco-friendly

    Green Diwali- The Merriment, Without Health Hazards!

    Diwali, the festival of lights, is associated with happiness and prosperity. However, true happiness and prosperity cannot be achieved by polluting and harming our environment and surroundings. Hence it becomes our duty and responsibility that while celebrating the festival, we should take care of nature as well so that not only us, but our future […]

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